Feb Full Moon Wahoo and Past Couple Days

Or should I say Jan. Full moon. Sorry for the typo I guess I am a month ahead :shrug

Friday on a 1/2 day after the front pushed through we managed some nice blackfins in 240 ft. The swells were up but it was nice out. Heard the guys were doing pretty good fishing the presidential cup on the sailfish with threadfins and goggle eyes. Lots of weed made it tough to troll for wahoo so I stuck with the Blackfin Tunas. Bite was from 11:00-1:00 PM. Found some small dolphin under a few gulls, but that was it.

Sunday morning the wind was honking and it was "cold". Current was jacked up so we fished the patches. Caught some nice mangroves and released groupers.

Monday had a client in from Maryland with "hoo fever". He was all about the hunt. By 10:00 AM he had his 2 fish. Was heading out to deep drop when we found the blackfins thick in 350 ft so we
spent the rest of the day catching "footballs". Here are a couple of photos.

Have a good rest of the week.



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