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2013 Hobie Outback with Jackson Seat mod

$1900 in Lakeland, FL
$1750 Without the cart

Hobie Outback($1999)
Trax II Beach cart($199)
Jackson seat and mounting($169.95 + $22)
Tackle Webs Outback Kit($39.99)
Hobie Anchor Trolley($39.95)
2 - 8in GearTracs($50)
2 - Hobie rod extenders($37.90)
Turbo Fins($99.99)
Sailing Rudder($32.99)
Deep bucket($21.99)

$2712.76 Value

5 months old. The boat has typical bottom scratches. I still have the basic seat, rudder and fins. This is a killer, very comfortable ride. I am just too big for it. I got a great deal on this kayak and am passing it on to whoever buys it.





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