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Sailfish Report out with Reel Time TV Show

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to lead the Reel Time TV crew from FL Sportsman offshore to target sailfish. It was an epic day for us. There's just a little pressure when an entire production is counting on you to find the fish. :grin Plus, being a female it was really important for me to show that I could pull this off like any other co-hosts they've had on the boat before from catching the bait to working the kites and fighting the fish.

We spent a day inshore in the Gulf and a day offshore. I cannot give all of the details away but I can tell you that you will want to make sure to watch this episode in about 7-8 weeks. It was an action packed day! They select the next location based on fishing reports in the forum and I am so excited to have been their first female co-host.

Show details: CLICK HERE

Here is a sneak peek of the sail I caught with the show's host, George preparing for the release. This sailfish was so lit up, she was beautiful. What was great about the show too was that they kept the sail in the water the entire release. It's so important to the survival of the fish to keep it in the water at all times.

I documented the release with the Billfish Foundation on their website and this will be my 6th release marked with them in 2014.
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