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Daytona Beach Shores Dec 7, 2013

Beautiful day this past Saturday so I had high hopes after a disappointing month of November battling seaweeds, rough seas, high currents and strong winds on top of dirty water. As I arrive at my usual place in Ormond by the Sea, to my horror I see dirty water again! Three weekends in a row! I have given up fishing in dirty water because I'm not thrilled about catfish or sharks, so once again disappointed headed home on A1A toward south. Just before making a right turn on Granada Blvd I turned my head toward the beach access and to my surprise noticed much cleaner water! This is just 4-5 miles south of OBS and I was very surprised. So I learned something valuable that day, don't just give up :).

As I arrived at Daytona's Main St pier, the water was crystal clear and people were catching reds, black drums and sheepshead.

I would have stayed if the crowds shoulder to shoulder was not a big turn off for me, so I continued south and started fishing at noon about 1 mile north of Sunglow pier. I'm not particularly thrilled fishing anywhere from Ormond to Ponce inlet because of the shallow water. The distance from high tide to low tide is almost a football field and you have to re-position your rods every 20 minutes. Times 6 rods... a lot of work.

I believe in fishing smart not hard ;).

Anyway, the water was a bit chilly but I had waders. No current, no weeds great day. The timing was not good since I had just missed incoming tide. For the next 4 hours there was not a bite going on if son't count a small blue. Then, all hell broke loose one hour before low tide.

Three bull whiting up to 16" get hooked withing 2 minutes on three adjacent rods. Then a 12" pompano made my day followed by another whiting and a 14" pompano. If it wasn't for my family waiting impatiently in the car, I would stayed longer. I left them biting at 6PM. All caught on frozen clams.

Not a bad day after all.


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