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Frogs, something besides ducks, with a How to..

Toothy ThangToothy Thang Posts: 1,415 Officer
After hitting a couple local places with only fair results, we've found a honey hole. GT and I knocked out 43 in short order and left hundreds alone.




My frogs get left in a cooler until the next day, usually just toss in some ice and they calm down quickly and hang tight. The majority will live through the night, use the back side of a clever and give 2-3 slaps across the back of the head and it's lights out.

To clean them up, lay the frog out and make a shallow slit at the top of the back. You can feel the spot with your finger below the shouldeers, just slice.

Use your fingers to pull up the skin and grip it with pliers. Hold their head and pull straight down.

Keep holding the head and pull their pants off completely, all in one motion.

Next angle your knife under the back meat and slice back towards the hip; press down to the cutting board with the knife and pull the front shoulders to remove the head and organs.

Clean out any left over internals or organs and toss in an icy salt water slush.

Once you get it down, you should be able to clean each frog in about 30-40 seconds.


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