Marlin 795 problem

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I recently bought a 795 used as a cheap gun to plink and squirrel hunt. It only came with one mag. First I took it apart cleaned it, then when out in the woods and did some shooting. I shot 275 rounds. 50 were cci mini mags and the rest was remington bulk. The cci had no problems but the other stuff had many fte's. That ammo is very crappy so I wasn't worried about that. The real problems came a couple of days later when I was squirrel hunting using a two new mags I bought. One was a pro mag 25 rnd and the other was a marlin factory mag. With both of them I would shoot and the bolt would cycle but the hammer would not recock so when I would pull the trigger again nothing would happen. Not even a click. I would rack the bolt shoot again and same thing. I was using cci so I don't think ammo was a problem and I shot 20 rnds with no problem from the original mag it came with so it has to be the new ones. Any ideas of what too look at or how I can modify the new magazines to work? This is the first gun I have owned with magazines so I'm kinda lost on this one.


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    While I'm not familair with that weapon, I do not know of any weapon where the magazine could cause an issue with the hammer not resetting. Id pull it apart and clean the internal mechanisms real good and try again.. make sure you are cycling the bolt fully to the rear everytime. Typically this problem can be associated with problems with the hammer / sear engagement notches, a disconnector and or the springs associated with these parts.
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