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Xmas eve Dania report

Paddled out from the pier just after sunrise to beautiful weather. Tried to make bait with no luck. Decided to troll a rapala out to the blue water and jig. Got a 10-12" bonita on the jig in about 250' of water and put him on the bait rod and continued to paddle. No luck after paddling around the zone (5 charter boats and several other kayakers) for about an hour. Decided to keep that bait out flat and jig again. Got a blue runner and a large triggerfish. I kept the trigger for dinner. Decided to paddle around again so I thought I should check the bonita if it had any life left in it. On the retrieve I got picked up and took it out of gear for a moment before I set the hook. Line peeled for about 15 seconds before it came loose. I reeled in half a bonita. I assume a large shark due to it feeling like I had hooked a container ship heading in the opposite direction. Headed back towards shore trolling a skirted bonita strip and the rapala. Nothing. Decided to fish the inshore reef to salvage some fillets to bring home. I caught a mixd bag of reef fish, but not the right kind. It was a really nice day to be on the water. Merry Xmas.


  • I was out too but it was completely dead. Trolled a gog at 40ft on the downrigger from 120ft to 350ft, flat lined him from 350ft back to 120, put him down to 60 ft and went out to 250 where I found a weedline and trolled that for a while, drifted the weedline and jigged, jigged a few rock piles and the only action I saw was a bonita. At least it was nice out.
  • PESCAHOLICPESCAHOLIC Posts: 98 Greenhorn
    CrstyCptSWitherspoon: I am pretty sure we bumped into each other out there and waved. I never want to get too close to other fisherman because you never know they have going on around their yak or boat. Is there a radio channel that you guys use out here to work together or pass info? Tight lines!
  • palmbeachpetepalmbeachpete Posts: 2,620 Captain
    Large triggerfish makes a great dinner. It is a little hard to fillet but worth it. Merry Christmas.
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