Today is a Big Day !!

No need to ask what's for Christmas at our house.

This afternoon Child Bride (aka Miss Joy or just Joy) and I will sign a bunch of papers and become new owners of a "real house" in Mexico Beach. I've complaned long enough about living around the ATL and well, shouldn't have that to ***** about much longer. We've had, and will keep the Townhouse here for many years (I ain't giving up my slip), and while nice enough, it's what it is, a Townhouse. Or another way, ok for awhile, but I couldn't live in it full time, especially with the wonder dog ( an Aussie). One of the other of us was gonna' go. Buying a home these days is a real adventure and I don't recommend it to the weak at heart. Kind of "if I knew what I know now" type thing. Oh, and buying home owners insurance in FL is a real treat also. As Ferris says, get off the hip, only big time.

So, in the end, excited, kinda' scared, we'll do the move over months and for the short term keep Miss Joy's garden up north also. Sounds like a long commute to me. If I knew what I know now.

Wish me luck.



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