Key Largo

katwoman85katwoman85 Posts: 491 Officer
Hi all. Does anybody in this forum own a Key Largo CC boat? If so are you happy? I put in a credit app to buy one (16 ft CC). Looking for some feedback. Thanks


  • ParksideParkside Posts: 30 Greenhorn
    I had a 15' skiff/ flats type Key Largo in the 90's on an inland lake . Sold that house and gave the boat to a buddy of mine. He loves it and is still running it with a Johnson 2 stroke.
  • JKPJKP Posts: 3,000 Captain
    It is a decent bare bones boat. At the right price with a good motor you could do a lot worse.
  • B.WilmotB.Wilmot Posts: 204 Officer
    I own a 1997 201 with a 99 Honda 130 and I love the boat. It is bare bones but is also a blank canvas. I have lots of upgrades on mine but the best one was trim tabs. It still could pass as a newer model. It's a self scupping hull so be prepared for damp feet at times.

    Catchem up!!!!!!
    Bravo Whiskey
    1997 Key Largo 201
    99 honda 130
  • rehartlinerehartline Posts: 794 Officer
    I have a1860DC. Most are fairly plain, this one was a custom. I've dressed it out and it's been a good boat. It's been in some scary rough water down in the Keys and has never let me down. Nothing fancy about them but seem to be stable. No issues with mine in 8 years.
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