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2009 150HO, spotted a little oil...

edczachor36edczachor36 Posts: 219 Officer
I ran the boat for about an hour Sunday. I put it up on the lift and flushed the motor. About an hour later I looked over at the engine and noticed a little (inch long) drip below the edge of the 4-bolt plate on the port side of the motor just above the lower unit. The oil was blue in color. I pulled the cover thinking maybe I had some XD50 leaking from a line and it went down. All dry up top from what I can see. Any ideas?


  • BillgranBillgran Posts: 349 Deckhand
    May have dribbled out of the air silencer, but remove the lower motor covers and check the oil line, fittings, and clamps for any trace of leakage. The pump and filter, too.

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