Blood stains. Deck cleaner didn't work?

Had a lady fish spray blood all over deck......little spots everwhere,. Was fishing at night and thought I got it wiped off til I looked this afternoon after it had been in the sun. A little surprised deck cleaner didn't get off at all. I let it sit as recommended. But didn't budge. What is next step. Tried FSR as well on one spot and nothing there.

Also isn't the deck cleaner a protectant as well? Or in future use something a little stronger more wax based based for protecting deck (keeping in mind not to be too slippery)

Bloods a tough one I realize. Just surprised cause the stuff has been so good to me over years.

Thanks for the insight and help!


  • reel stamasreel stamas Posts: 6,153 Admiral
    I use that cheap toilet bowl cleaner they sell @ Dollar General for ~$1... Works great...
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  • GATORDONE1GATORDONE1 Posts: 110 Officer
    So it will get out real tough blood stains??
  • 91tiger91tiger Posts: 544 Officer
    Use a "magic eraser" to get the toughest stains out. Be sure to wet the magic eraser or it won't do any good. I have a very aggressive non-skid and spent a week fishing/camping in the glades. We had fish blood stains all over the boat and nothing I used would remove some of them. Somebody suggested magic eraser and it easily removed all of the ones that looked like they would be permanent. For normal stains the Starbrite Non Skid cleaner does a great job.
  • GATORDONE1GATORDONE1 Posts: 110 Officer
    Any cleaner out there that makes a deck look new. Long shot but just asking
  • BillatstarbriteBillatstarbrite Posts: 510 Officer
    How old is the boat? If the gelcoat is worn or otherwise thin, the fiberglass is more prone to hold dirt and stains.
  • GATORDONE1GATORDONE1 Posts: 110 Officer
  • TriplecleanTripleclean Posts: 6,591 Officer
    Your ok, bloody decks are fine. The sun will fix the blood.
  • BillatstarbriteBillatstarbrite Posts: 510 Officer
    8 year old gelcoat will have worn to some degree, which makes it more porous than when it was new, which makes it harder to clean and to keep clean. Without some type of barrier, staining materials will get through and set.The fact that FSR didn't touch it is another indication, too.
  • tunamantunaman Posts: 3,731 Captain
    Remember guys, these toilet bowl/ tile cleaners contain bleach. I love starbrite products. The hull cleaner is awesome, polish also, rust stain remover the bestbut since my boat was new, the deck cleaner did not do well on blood stains.
  • BillatstarbriteBillatstarbrite Posts: 510 Officer
    Star brite Instant Hull Cleaner might eat thru those stains.
  • esteroestero Posts: 2,041 Captain
    If the Star brite does not work Bar Keepers Friend will.

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  • SwizzleSwizzle Posts: 534 Officer
    Gel soft scrub. Brush it in with some water, let it sit for 10 minutes and finish it up.
  • BillatstarbriteBillatstarbrite Posts: 510 Officer
    +1 for what Tunaman said. Bleach is great in the laundry room, not so much on the boat.

    Our Hull Cleaner will most likely remove any blood stain; it is awesome on rust stains, so blood shouldn't be any more of a problem.
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