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Wade fishing lures

i am new to wade fishing with lures, and am wondering what lures you guys like for wading some flats. i wade fish a good amount here in tampa, but mostly use live bait. but lately its been kind of sketchy with a bait bucket by my side, i dont like the attention it gives me. at one of my spots, i have a pesky stingray that will make its presence known at the worst times. but it isnt a normal stingray, the thing is the size of a car hood. also has anyone fished around picnic island, looks good but i heard it has some serius mud.:fishing


  • SurlytomSurlytom Posts: 86 Deckhand
    Down this way I use DOA shrimp and DOA Cals in a variety of colors, I also use skitterwalks for top water...tight lines!
  • superdupersuperduper Posts: 1,927 Captain
    doa shrimp are tops.
    i like using mr.wiffelures on a jig head too. or whatever shad tail or airhead or something that has a wiggly tail.
    top waters are great, usually better in morning or evening.
  • fishboyfishboy Posts: 1,326 Officer
    DOA shrimp are also my favorite for trout... also take a mirrolure mirrodine with you...
  • humblerhumbler TampaPosts: 130 Deckhand
    1/4 oz DOA shrimp in dark and lights shades are great for the bay. I use root beer, clear with gold glitter or glow depending on the light and water conditions. Bring extras because the puffers will destroy them. The DOA parts packs are a better deal. A handful of 1/16 oz weedless jig heads paired with some CAL tails, a Texas rigged jerkbait like a fluke, a miro dine, gold spoon and your favorite top water and you are good to go for all species.

    Picnic island is a good wading area with lots of water to explore. It can get busy on weekends but the fish are there. The only muddy area is the back half of the bay between picnic and MacDill.
  • BasstarBasstar Posts: 519 Officer
    BA, I am by no means a Florida wading expert, but more a freshwater angler as my name implies. However, on my trips to the Ft. Myers area, I've found that Gulp Ghost Shrimp fished on the bottom with a small jig head, or any "Fluke" type lure on a jig head slowly jerked along work perfectly.

    I also found a brand of "minnow" type pre-made lures called "The Usual Suspects" that worked very well for me.

    White, silver, shad, and brownish or rootbeer colors covered the color spectrum for me but there are of course better colors for different water and weather conditions.

    I am sharing this info not that I am the guru, but to save you from making the same mistake I made when I began wading there. At first, I took tons too much tackle. I can now fish literally with my lures carried in a fishing shirt.

    Note: I do plan to try some of the MirrOdine hard bodied lures so the shirt pocket idea will have to be reconsidered. :)

    From one beginning wading fisherman to another, good luck!
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