Blustery day at West Lake Park Hollywood

Weather prediction was winds 15-20 with afternoon showers, so a good day to to stay inshore in protected waters. I circumnavigated West Lake in search of anything. No snook, but the cudas were active despite the cold. I got 4 cudas between 7 and 30 inches and 1 jack, plus some excercise. When the big cuda flashed color I first thought it was a nice slot-sized snook, but no such luck. All were revived to fight another day. Most were caught in the intracoastal, but the big cuda was actually in the north end of the lake.

Baby barracuda have co-jones

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  • 1OzLead1OzLead Posts: 352 Officer
    Looks like a nice day out.
  • CannibleCannible Posts: 358 Officer
    Id there anything worth catching in that place?
  • bugdocbugdoc Posts: 421 Officer
    There are barracuda and some snook in the north and south ends of the lake and the 2 access canals. The usual jacks and a few snapper. The main part of the lake is just for mullet. I'm sure a lost tarpon ends up in there on occasion, but not often enough to target them. It's not worth a trip there to fish unless you live nearby and just want to toss a line for a couple of hours. It's a great paddling spot since no gas engines are allowed in the lake. We do night paddles there since it's a no-motor zone.

    Southeast Florida kayak launch sites at
  • lmp1978lmp1978 Posts: 154 Officer
    nice catch roger!!
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