IPB help

woodsnwaterwoodsnwater Posts: 73 Greenhorn
Been looking awhile for a boat for me and my son to take downstate fishin and camping. Have a 15 stumpknocker with a 25 yam 2 stroke. Looking at the ipb 16 for more room and stability. Will I get good performance with a 25hp? Also do they run good in choppy conditions? Spoke w capt hiram in ft. Lauderdale about a 15 but got home and looked at the site and found the 16 is made in sanford I guess. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it.


  • ChopskiChopski Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    Buddy of mine has a 16 IPB with a 25 Merc 4 stroke. He doesn't have trim tabs not that I think it would help with the hull design but it is not a good boat for chop of any kind in my opinion. It runs crazy skinny and probably floats right at or around 4" and with two guys a lil fishing gear and a cooler we are right around the upper 20s.

    Awesome boat but we take the backwater wherever we go if there's any kind of chop.
  • Les LammersLes Lammers Posts: 33 Deckhand
    If your motor has a 20" shaft check out a Livingston 14. It is a catamaran hull and has a smooth dry ride.
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