SCB Recon Tower / Mercury 250ProXS TM2 - Seafoam Green

scb factoryscb factory Posts: 11 Greenhorn
SCB Recon 24', 60" Tower / Mercury 250ProXS TM2
Lowrance HDS10
Power Pole Blade 8' (x2)
Fusion IP700i w/ BT200,
WetSounds (2) SW650, (2) SW808, (1) SW12, SD6, LED Rings (Green)
MinnKota I Pilot 36v (not shown)
Lithium Pros 36v Battery w/ DC Stealth Charger
Pro O2 Oxygen System (x2)

This rig will be used to hunt Texas & Louisiana Redfish in comfort & style.

SCB Factory


  • FlatoutventuresFlatoutventures Posts: 224 Officer
    Sweet ride. How fast?
  • westduvalanglerwestduvalangler Posts: 132 Deckhand
    My guess is FAST. . . .Be kinda cool going fast up in the tower!
  • rocketman1rocketman1 Posts: 187 Deckhand
    The Recon is SCB's skinny water ride. 9 inch draft, 6 inch planing all day long. The video shows 58mph or so, not bad for a ~24 ft tower rig. Eric Simmons can chime in when he checks back on FS.

    His 'GoFast' Stingrays and F22s routinely run into the 90s with the 300 Mercs and sport master LUs, depending on the setups and conditions.
  • westduvalanglerwestduvalangler Posts: 132 Deckhand
    That'd be plenty fast enough up high!
  • SkoolzOutSkoolzOut Posts: 80 Greenhorn
    I really like the look of the console. Very clean. Nice attention to detail.
  • OReelyOReely Posts: 38 Deckhand
    I really like the color scheme. I do have one question, does the arch attached to the console have a functional use?
  • rocketman1rocketman1 Posts: 187 Deckhand
    Looks like a step pad up there in the pics, so you can cruise the flats and your partner spots the fish, etc. Each one is built to owners specs.
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