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RedfIsh on Topwater

Went out Friday August 2, 2013 to find a spectacular sunrise. The skies were bright red all around me. Managed to get a few shots of it with my point and shoot camera before it disappeared. Traveled around for a little while searching for signs of life but found that things were unusually quiet. There was very little bait around compared to the week before. So.... I started blind casting, hoping to find an early morning trout. After a few minutes of working the areas I was familiar with and not getting any hits, it became quite clear that I was going to have to change my strategy. I switched to a top water lure I have had excellent luck with in the past. Well, it worked.... The fish were there. The trout came out to play and managed to hook a couple of nice fish. I continued playing the game and as the wind was pushing me towards the flats, I started seeing some larger wakes. Now my top water plug starts getting hit by Redfish instead. After a few hits I see a big wake following my lure... There is nothing like "Top Water Action" were you can follow the lure, watch the water move behind it and see the fish when they are about to hit. Enough of the fish tale... It may seem like a lot of fun to talk about it, but it is so much better when you can see it for yourself. Luckily, this time I was video recording.....


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