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Updated Sand movement around the Resort world Pier.

BiminiwallBiminiwall Posts: 79 Deckhand
This is just a crazy amount of sand that's piling up on the North Island. This also means anything south of this pier has not had sand replenishment since the start of the project. There is almost a 3 foot drop off now on the south end of the pier. Rocks that were hidden for a thousand years are starting to be exposed.


  • BiminiwallBiminiwall Posts: 79 Deckhand
    I put together a little animated gif showing the erosion just two weeks apart. You have to click the link to see the animation.

    bb.jpg 15.5K
  • Look at those idiots from Shoreline Foundation cutting and welding with no safety glasses.

    Besides that observation, the EIS warned of thousands of cubic yards of sand movement interrupted by the wall construction.

    By end of winter, the Bimini Bay beach will be a hundred feet wider and the beach along sherry's will have water lapping against the asphalt road!

    This could be devastating to the old Bimini establishment, especially in the event of a hurricane! This construction is putting the lives of every Biminite in danger during the next storm!

    This is not just about the environment, its about people's safety! (Unless Genting plans to relocate all the natives to South Bimini, Heck we are back to chasing the American Indians off the cliffs!)

    On the good side, if there is one? Any treasure buried along that beach is going to be exposed this winter so get out your metal detectors. Rock that haven't seen sunlight in 200 years will be exposed in just a few short months.

    My God, what is Genting thinking?????

    And who were these half **** consultants that bought into this thing!

    I will post the name of every contractor and consultant on this project so everyone knows who values the dollar more than people's lives!
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