Inpromptu Beach Sharking Scouting Report 11/06/2013

Had some free time last night so decided to meet a friend at the beach and do some sharking. I decided to leave the kayak at home and return to my childhood roots of beach slinging. Loaded up the Penn gear and the pup. I brought two jacks as backup, but planned on taking advantage of the mullet run.

Arrived at 10 pm, and set up. I threw the mullet net once and we were golden. I started casting out while Lucas brought out some Lamb Lollipops and Cabernet. Salt Life sophistication.

15 mins later the first Bull hit the beach. We stayed for 4 hours and had 10 or so runs. Caught some Bt's and Spinners as well. I'll probably bring the kayak and soak some bigger baits in the next week.

Water was clear, music was good, air was crisp, bugs were minimal, and we had steady action. The good life.


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