Flamingo on fly!!!

BonesmugglerBonesmuggler Posts: 133 Officer
Throwing it out there again bruddas, moved from Hawaii about a year ago met some good guys who like to feed the fish instead of throwing flies at them. Not a bad way to catch fish but would much more prefer to stalk one on fly than catch 100 throwing bait at them. Fished flamingo a bunch learned a lot looking to make some new friends try to better my understanding of that wonderful place. I can huck some line so no worries here, if you get down like to crush and throw flies hit me up. Always looking at making new friends and new stories. It's pretty tough in this ****hole called miami to find dudes who prefer throwing fly. It's the way all fishing should be in my opinion. I run out out of a 16 ft redfisher, so we can run out of my rig or yours either way. Happy hunting keep those lines tight

Let's rip some lips


  • BonesmugglerBonesmuggler Posts: 133 Officer
    here is one to show what I'm talking about
  • kbkeyskbkeys Posts: 691 Officer
    Hey Pat, still available here once this wind subsides. Give me a call 9546106481
  • weetzaweetza Posts: 156 Officer
    5618182551 name is josh
  • pjstevkopjstevko Posts: 513 Officer

    I'm new to the fly game but can cast well, got good eyesight on the bow, know my way around a boat, can fish all day and am learning to use a push pole so if you're looking for someone to help load/unload/clean the boat, split gas costs, clean the fish, buy lunch and provide good cigars let me know via pm

  • snook_smugglersnook_smuggler Posts: 37 Deckhand
    I too have a 16 redfisher, hit me up and we could set something up! I love to fly fish! 3058013500. -Hunter
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