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Pt. Canaveral 1o-26-2013

Watched the weather report and it looked iffy 3 to 4 north wind. Arr to heck with it we will just button down the hatches and poke on out. Got there early and only 2 trailers in the lot. Oh well here we go. Onboard with me were 2 of my children Charlie and Kimberly. Got under way and up goes the plastic screens and we are zipped and snapped as we ease out the inlet. Hit the mouth of the inlet and it aint so bad. The plan was to mainly troll all day since I have pretty much stayed sharked up on the bottom all year. Put lines in at 90 still the seas were not bad so I took down the screens and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Hit the weed line at 130 kinda scattered but big patches,bait, birds, debris,turtles,flyers the complete setup we worked it all day it was eventually blown on out to 160 by late day with only 1 other boat seen on it all day and they were doing good also. Thought I seen some blackfin jumping on it also but we didnt catch any of them.
The catch was 10 dolphin 2 realeases
3 sharks
3 barracuda
2 bonito

Team DTM had a pretty good day


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