i love rapalas

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Had a short day of work today,and happened to be working by a canal off old boynton.let me back up a couple days,on saturday myself and a coworker fishing buddy gave griffen road h ell on saturday looking for peacocks,no luck got 6 largemouth,saw no peacocks,and had some snook take a look but no takers.my buddy has never caught a pea,on sunday he tried again around c14 got nuthing,that leads us to today.my plan was to fish a few mins and split,as i walk to the bank i see a peacock chase bait to the shore,holy crap 250 miles of driving and there right here.long story short i tie on a old school silver shiner he ties a white xrap,i end up with 3 peas and three large mouth fishing behind him,he got one small largemouth,poor dude cant win this week,im not feeling too bad hes got bigger rrd and snook than i this year.its good to see that many peacocks that far north again.that rapala kicks ***.


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