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Carl BlackledgeCarl Blackledge Posts: 674 Officer
Hey guys,

What is your favorite loop knot and why?



  • shadowwalkershadowwalker Posts: 2,200 Captain
    Rapala knot both ends of tippet, strong knot easy to tie stronger than perfection loop. Perfection loop both ends of leader stands straight on the leader and even easier to tie in heaver leader material.
  • clampmanclampman Posts: 130 Deckhand
    I use an adaptation of the Lefty Loop. Instead of using an overhand knot, I use a surgeon's to run the tag through the ears of. Then two and a half turns around the main line, back through the middle of tag and main and then back through those same ears of the surgeon. It is not as strong as the Lefty loop, but I'm using it for bite tippet, so strength isn't the issue.

    It comes out with the tag facing back towards the fly eye and doesn't pick up grass nearly so easy..

    Here's a couple of pics of it tied in 300 lb mono. It looks considerably better in lighter line - but at least you can see the pics. I left the tag long and bent it up for the picture . It pretty much bisects the loop if tied carefully.


  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,335 Captain
    My favorite for leader to fly is an improved Homer Rhode loop knot. The original Homer Rhode was two overhand knots that jam together.... It was fine for heavy leader material but was only about 75% line strength. The imporved version starts with a surgeons knot (and you need to pass the bitter end through twice to form a two turn slip knot down onto the hook eye) - then the final overhand for the jam... The improved version is about 85% line strength which is more than enough for even light leaders. This knot is easy, very quick to tie, and you can do it in low or no light conditions with ease. Besides all of that it also forms the smallest loop knot that I know of....
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    I tie the Crazy Carl.
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