Tying 16oz and 24oz jigs

Going to be tying some 16oz and 24 oz jigs. Looking for tips on how big of thread to use for tying on material and advise on what materials to use. Using these jigs for deep water jigging for groupers. Any advise would be helpful since never had anything this big in a vise before.


  • DRIFTER_016DRIFTER_016 Posts: 144 Officer
    On any of my heavy duty or large flies I tend to use Kevlar thread ad the stuff is as strong as wire. :)


    As for materials, use whatever you think looks good as I don't think grouper really care. :rotflmao
  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,552 Moderator
    I'd use crimped nylon. To wrap, I use Size A rod wrapping thread. Small diameter lets you put a lot of wraps on without building bulk. When I wrap large jigs, I tie the material on with a couple wraps, then apply some thin head cement, then finish wrapping and tie it off. I then put a thicker coat of head cement. I make the head cement myself from Goop, thinned with toluene (available at ACE in pint cans - a pint will last you a lifetime) I generally make it in two different viscosities, the thin one I use first, as described above, and the thicker one, I use to finish.
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