Ballon rigs.. how to keep them from twisting lower line?

michauxiimichauxii Posts: 54 Deckhand
I attach a balloon to a barrel swivel at the depth I want to fish.
There are times that my line below the balloon gets really twisted; espacially when using a Large live fish for bait.

How do you guys rig your balloons?


  • hossmosshossmoss Posts: 1,257 Officer
    I've always just tied it real tight on the line wherever I wanted it. Sometimes I double tied it, sometimes I overhand tied them together (that was the surest no-slip way) The rubber grabs it good and it pretty much always stayed right there. Are balloons still legal to use?

    When down in the Keys, we used a water bottle and wrapped the line once around the threads and screwed the top on to lock it in place. When I asked the capt why he was using the bottle instead of a balloon, I thought he answered that the balloons were bad for the fishery (something about fish, birds and turtles choking) and they were outlawed. But it's been a few years so I may not be remembering exactly right.

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  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,340 Captain
    I use balloons quite a bit for live baiting tarpon and snook in the 'Glades and never have the slightest line twist problem... All I'm doing is tying the balloon directly to the leader -not the line... A simple overhand knot and you're in business. By the way, if we're fishing two lines one will be corked and the other will have a balloon since the wind will push the balloon and not the cork... the lines stay separated.
    Hope this helps (and forgot to mention, I use party balloons from my local grocery store -they're much cheaper than any other source....)
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