Sand movement around bimini


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    atrocious and unconscionable. where the hell are the people in charge of protecting the people's resources????

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    Now look at the sand, 3 weeks later...This is going to destroy the south end of the island.
  • That's what I was waiting to see evidence of. So the sand transport system in Bimini is identical to the sand transport system in South Florida. Sand flows North to South. I was not sure since SoFla is driven by the predominant strength of the North swell and the wave period. The longer wave period of the North swell causes more sand movement by the draining period between waves. In a South wind driven wave, the sand move differently.

    Its amazing that with very little wave action (compared to Florida) that we see such a buildup on the North side of the wall so fast.

    Like jetty's, groins, and inlets, when you interrupt sand movement, you get a build up on the North side and erosion thru lack of sand transport on the South side. In the case of this wall, it will depend on how long it is before they have the "bridge" with the sand pass thru. Eventually sand will build up to the end of the wall then pass around it if it isn't too long and in too deep of water. However, how long (parallel to the beach) the erosion side will be is related to the length of the wall also.

    So Bimini Bay gets a bigger beach, and guess what the locals get! You guess it, they get to SUCK WIND! (or suck sand!)

    Look at any aerial photo of South Florida and you will see what I am saying with the wide beach on North side of inlet and narrow beach on South side of inlets. This is why we have sand bypass pumps like a Lake Worth Inlet, or constant dredging like at Boca inlet, That effort is just trying to make up the sand transport.

    I absolutely guarantee there is no Coastal Engineering in this project. Maybe some minor structural Engineering like the wall sheet piling design, but if they did not look at sand transport, they are most likely skipping any hydrodynamic Engineering of the end of the structure where the ship will berth.

    The wave energy on a NW swell will be catastrophic, but it is going to be fun as hell to see this structure when it gets hit by a BIG Cold front! I predict there will be absolutely no ability to berth the ship, and most likely the swell will be overtopping the end of the structure.

    The momentum of a large ship like that moving against a wall is unbelievable if you have never experienced it.

    In my Port Everglades days, I witness a phenomenal experience when I saw two ships hit the wall during my 7 years there. In both cases, it was like slow motion and the ship did not seem like it even slowed down when it hit. Both times, the bulbous bow punched as much as 50' into the sheet piling wall, both with over a million $$ damage each time. Its the simple physics calculation of momentum and the force necessary to stop it. When that ship starts banging up against that structure in a NW swell, it will be a demolition derby contest between the wall and the ship!

    God this is going to be fun to watch! Now I just have to watch for the NW swell at the right time, maybe a nice January storm and then we have to get to Bimini with a video camera!

    God I love these Malaysians! It must be fun to have that kind of money to BLOW!

    Brad, you told me about he swell up there when you mentioned your boys have surfed there. Without being there a lot, I suspected that the primary sand movement was related to the current in the pass between N & S Bimini. Much more going on than that!

    Oh, another thing, you realize you could never ever get permits to do that in Florida or anywhere else on the Eastern Seaboard. In the good old USA, the people losing their beach would already have their lawyers filing briefs!
  • alacrity wrote: »
    atrocious and unconscionable. where the hell are the people in charge of protecting the people's resources????

    Sitting somewhere counting their payoff money! (probably in a fancy resort with Malaysian ****)
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    .. Sap is driving them around.. servicing them..??? oh my.. :)
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    Not supporting, just questioning. It looks like the pier goes out on a 330 heading, so a nw swell would be parallel to the pier? The biggest swell there, as my kids do surf there are.
    1. Long n/ nw swell, such as from a north Easter that sits off the Carolina's
    2. A south/ southwest swell off Cuba
    Seems like if on one side of pier or other , ship would not be impacted if pier blocks the swell?
    By far the two above produce the biggest swells reaching beaching, everything else is a close 2-4 chop such as ne at 30.
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    From the plans I saw the sheet piling will go out so far, then pilings will be put in place to allow whats let of the sand to flow through. We are still taking a good 150 yards of sheet piling before the piling starts. I doubt the ship will be docking where the sheet piling is going to be.

    They did the same thing in Mexico, if you've ever been. The cruise ship dock is solid about 100 yards out, but the cruise ship pier and unloading is done with a concrete dock and piling.

    If this is the case in Bimini, there would be no protection from any swells.

    I've also seen some nasty west waves pounding that beach. Just look at the drop off near Sherry's now. Its almost a 5 foot drop off. Its only going to get worse. In 5 years time, the road running along the top of the hill will be washing into the water. in 10 years Genting will be pumping sand on the beach to save the Anchorage from spilling in. If they are still around.
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    My first trip to Bimini was in 1988 and I started running my own boats over there in 1997. If anyone had told me in 2000, that this will be the "new" Bimini, I'd have laughed!

    Listen/watch this...... If it's been posted before, my apologies.
  • Gary, I have seen it before but it still make me throw up a little in my mouth!

    But, look at that silt plume when it turns at the harbor. That is what the reefs off the terminal are going to see 4 times a day.

    Its this kind of impact that never makes it to an EIA!
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    Gary M wrote: »
    My first trip to Bimini was in 1988 and I started running my own boats over there in 1997. If anyone had told me in 2000, that this will be the "new" Bimini, I'd have laughed!

    Listen/watch this...... If it's been posted before, my apologies.

    it is difficult to swallow, to say the least.

    however, as i have argued repeatedly, the responsibility for protecting biminites and its resources is the work of bimini's administrators and politicians. it is shameful that they are allowing this to occur.

    in the context of no other alternative, i would imagine a fair number of biminites might just be in favor of this development solely for the perceived (i'm using your underlining here which is fine by me!) economic benefits that may accrue to them. why not?

    so they have to support this or support the status quo, which is essentially nada.

    why not change that dilemma? why not change the discourse? why not develop an alternative economic plan for bimini that protects the natural resources, honors bimini's culture and history and provides economic benefits to the people of bimini. that IMHO is what needs to occur here.

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    Alacrity, you touch on a good point regarding locals. They have been kept largely in the dark regarding these major, permanent changes to THEIR island. The lack of transparency throughout the entire process has been mind-blowing, and many are very upset about it, even asking for off-island help in making their voices heard to their own government.
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