Talon Height

SpecksOnDeckSpecksOnDeck Posts: 103 Deckhand
Does anyone know the height difference between the 8' Talon and the new 10' Talon? I can get a 10' for the same price as an 8' but I dont want it to stick up very much heigher than the 8' will. Thanks for the help!


  • gatorsaintgatorsaint Posts: 175 Deckhand
    I copied this from the Minn-Kota website.

    The 6' Talon is 45" and the 8' Talon is 57"

    Multi-Stage Deployment

    Talon's sequential, vertical deployment moves the spike quickly and quietly. On 8' and 6' models, the spike deploys in two stages. On 12' and 10' models, the spike deploys in three stages offering up to 4' of additional anchoring depth without increasing the height of Talon
  • SpecksOnDeckSpecksOnDeck Posts: 103 Deckhand
    Yea I saw that on the website. I guess "without increasing the height" means its equal to the 8' one...
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