Bimini Wahoo Report?

fgator22fgator22 Posts: 42 Deckhand
So are they starting to snap yet?

Thinking of heading over a weekend in early November.



  • alacrityalacrity Posts: 2,664 Captain
    yes, i've heard of some nice catches already, from different sources.

  • snookyjsnookyj Posts: 1,687 Officer
    My brother crushed it this past weekend north of bimini on the ledges...they fished sat and sun and he said the bite was solid!!! There biggest was around 60lbs. I have a pic he sent me...i'll post it soon!!!
  • biminibradbiminibrad Posts: 373 Deckhand
    Nope, not here, don't waste all that fuel, stay on that side of stream!
  • Brad is right, no fish here!
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,774 Captain
    Ryan Rasberry spanked em good a few days ago with 10 for 14 as his take...
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