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9/21 Estero

went out 9/21 a few hours before sundown with a buddy that was in town. we started off very slow, a few keeper snapper but nothing sizeable. around sundown as tide began to really rush out I had a surefire keeper snook on topwater. my buddy fumbled up the net job and popped the snook off the line at the boat... it happens, but man were we bummed out. headed towards an old reliable hole and hit a fat red and decided i'd quit fishing for the night. better to quit while i'm ahead. my buddy continued to fish the hole and pulled in a few catfish so we moved on. we approached the last spot of the night just before last light and the action was incredible. we could hear more than we could see. i decided to pick up the rod and throw a topwater in the direction of the chaos... a big ladyfish jumped on and volunteered herself as bait. rigged her up onto my "whippin stick" and threw her out on the edge of the channel and put the rod in the holder and began to throw topwater again. First cast of the topwater and I got stroked. Either a monster snook or juvy ****. Lost it near the boat courtesy of a broken leader while awaitaing help from my buddy who was fighting with a beastly estero sail-cat. During my struggle the ladyfish rod got stroked and ran, and then stopped suddenly... I put the pole away that I had just been broken off on and began to reel in the ladyfish to check my bait and thats when all hell broke loose. after an epic fight i managed to land the biggest snook of my life, 44" and an estimated 30lbs. Snapped a quick photo and then released her to see another day. The red wasn't so lucky. Goodluck and tightlines fellas


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