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Weekend Grouper Report

Weekend Grouper Report

There was a small window of opportunity on Sat, so I called Capt. Dan Medina and we made a last minute decision to give it a try.

Plan was to fill the well with white bait in case it was too rough and we had to fish for Mangs close to shore or Snook & Reds in the interior. Took a quick look inside Redfish Pass to catch some white bait but didn’t see any and decided to peak offshore. Conditions were manageable. Ride was a little bumpy (quartering head 2-3’s with a little wind chop) on the way out in the Shearwater. Had to hit several bait spots in 30-45’ to fill the front well (Should have bought squid this time). Bait was not too responsive with the sabikis until around 10AM, then they just “Turned on”. I knew this meant the Grouper just turned on too, so we decided to go with what we had (A lot of small runners).

Checked out a rock pile in 35’ way south of where I prospected for gags last week. Not surprisingly, no gags. Made the decision to head out a little deeper. Got to about 60-65’. Swells were a little bigger; 2-4’s, then 3-4’s, then settled again, etc. Sunk the hook in 65’ and immediately we started bringing RG over the side. Using whatever we had in the well; squirrels, tomtates, pins, runners, etc., we caught a bunch of RG but most were small. Keepers were barely over the 20-22” mark. Swells were getting a little bigger and decide to head back in.

Hit a cple shows we marked on the way in….shorts. Stopped at a little break in 50’ to see if there were any gags….nobody home. Did manage a few more RG on the ledge, then called it the day. Wife had a 5k to run and had to get back in asap……interestingly, by this time the seas settled down to 2 foot swells with a little chop and we were able to haul **** back in. Hit one little shower at the ramp.

All in all; we did not light them up by any means, but we did end up with 7 Legal RG between 2 of us, sifting through a bunch of shorts. We had to work at them today. Biggest RG was about 26” that ate a 3/8 oz Jig-Jerk Bait on an inshore rod intended for Lanes/Mango. Biggest trash fish was a nurse at around 100-125lbs.

No gags and absolutely no bait schools from shore to 65’, which did not surprise me considering the weather just days prior.


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