Everglades Back Country Report 09/29/13

Well folks here it is..a salty report..FINALLY! I've been pretty busy all summer with Peacock Bass charters. Consequently I really didn't get to do as much back country fishing as I would've liked. But now that the weather is starting to change for the better. I'll be concentrating more, and more on these type of trips into the beautiful back country of the Everglades. So long as the weather cooperates this should be an excellent fishing seasons coming up if your into back water fishing. The Snook and Tarpon populations seem to have recouped from the major loses we had during the freezes a few years back....This is a very good sign! All the while the Red fish and Trout fishing is about as good as I've ever seen it....numbers numbers numbers. they're everywhere!!

So as you can imagine I was pretty stoked when the phone rang and one of my best clients asked about setting up a back country trip. After a quick check on the tides and weather conditions.. a plan was hatched. We had early morning rising tides and a light wind making the conditions optimal, for this type of fishing. We met up at the ramp. Had a quick talk about our game plan and headed off on the 30 mile trip into the back country. Folks..I got to tell ya..there's nothing like the Everglades in the morning. It's so beautiful...no matter how many times I've seen it.

OK so now we're nearing our first spot of the morning..a very nice point along a mangrove lined shoreline. I shut down the outboard and deploy the trolling motor to get stealthy. I hand my angler a rod with a DOA shrimp attached and tell her where to put the cast. She takes aim and fires off a 50 foot cast right on the mark. BAM!!...She's on her biggest Red to date. After a very touch and go battle she lands it,and it smiles all around. Most of the rest of the day we played with Trout and more Red's with a few jumped Tarpon.and a couple of Snook lost at the boat. All in all it was a very good day and I'm looking forward to many more days like it. Anyways we took some pics of the day for memories. Thanks again for reading our report. Capt. Tony






  • JerrydoggJerrydogg Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    Great report! All I can ad is that two weeks ago I had pleasure of experinceing a back country trip with Capt.Tony. I got my first back country Grand slam with him. He's very professional and works hard to put you on the fish.
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