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EKFT September Slam

Hit the beach at 545am to find light winds and small surf. My plan was to get two kings and then look for some tuna, but things really didn't work out that way. After 4.5 hrs of non stop slow trolling without a bite my left knee starting giving out on me, so i head out deep and jigged for 20 mins to take a break. Knee felt better after a little rest and i made my way back in to shallower water. At high noon, still without a bite and me day dreaming about what i have to do the next day, my flat line bait starts to freak out and then took off. As soon as i grab the rod and tightened up the drag I could tell it was a good fish. I get him close to the boat pretty quick, stuck em and then proceeded to scream like a little girl and smack the fish like a bongo drum. I was pumped! I knew it would probably be big pelagic and get me on stage again. After looking over the fish i see that he hit the bait but it pulled from his mouth and the stinger ended up in his side just down from his head. My Lazer Trokar stinger hook was stuck deep and it was not coming out. My bait was beat up, but was actually still alive hanging on the nose hook. I worked the area for the next hr to try to pick up at least a snake king to increase my chances to win it, but no luck. Hit the beach at 130pm and asked what has come in and it sounded like not to much. I still didn't think i had enough to win it. Well after weighing in my King at 34.4lbs it ended up being enough to take it down. It's a great feeling after taking 2nd in May to come back and win this one. Congrats to Joe Kraatz, Rob (Pottymouth), Austin Collins, Andy Brown and Brad Schwartz for making it up on stage as well..it was tough fishing.


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