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Anyone know any lawyers in Boca Raton area? Condo association rules.....

MelbourneMarkMelbourneMark Posts: 2,503 Captain
My wifes' Grandmother has a condo in Boca Raton. Due to failing health, she no longer lives in the condo, but still has her car down there. She pays extra for a covered parking spot. Her registration expired on the tag, and the condo association and/or tow company towed the vehicle due to being ''illeagally parked". :banghead
Her Grandmother lives up north now with her children, and we are the closest relatives.
I have a few questions that perhaps a lawyer or internet-lawyer can answer.
Besides the obvious that they could have called us first before towing. :banghead

1) is it legal for them to tow from a parking spot that she pays for, if the tag is expired?
2) Is there a law that they can only tow the vehicle so many miles from the condo to the storage lot?
3) any other legal ground we can stand on here?

Btw, I believe the bill is ~$600 or so. We are not paying this, but I feel that my in-laws are being taken advantage of here. This is the same condo that towed my truck 2 months ago because they have a no-pickup rule. :willynilly


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