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Freshwater mixed bag

I woke up this morning at 4:45am to meet Pottymouth for some offshore fishing. Get to Dania to put the kayaks in the water and "****". 2-3ft seas and building, 10-15knt winds. Rob says we can fish but it won't be fun so I decide to head to a lake in Deerfield Beach to try my hand at Large Mouth.

I start with topwater and work this wooded shoreline for an hour. No bites. Nothing. I don't like fishing for an hour and getting no feedback so I decided to pack it in, and head across the water to where apartments are to try for some Snakehead. In the first 5min I catch a small LMB. Wouldn't you know it, stop targeting them and start catching 'em. Got on two more Peacocks in almost back to back casts. About 30 minutes later something blows up my frog. I'm thinking a nice Pea is on the line and are getting pretty excited when it comes out of the water. Nice Bass! When I get it boated I realize it's my largest bass to date! "How large" you ask? Well my wife is a teacher and took my scale to work for some school project so I'll never know. I'm not saying I looked in to a trial separation but lets just say I cleared my phone's history when I calmed down. Put him back in the water, boated another Snakehead and called it a day around 10:00.






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