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A short while back a thread was posted concerning fishing clubs in our area. With this location available to network with large numbers of fisherman we can accomplish more than most fishing clubs simply due to the numbers of anglers available. Using and cultivating this resource is key to building a useful club right here. Member participation and sharing tricks and tips will create an archive of relevant fishing information for our area.

What we have now is almost there. Right now we have a “Bragging Board” with a good amount fishing information added. The bragging part is the fun…I for one would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy showing off my catch and reading the atta boys and way to goes. I do however always try to add relevant information to my reports such as general area, conditions and techniques used. The educational value of what is available here on our forum is really priceless. The open minded avid angler has as much to learn as the novice. We have a rare group of anglers here on the big bend forum that freely share fishing information. I have personally given out information that some folks see as secret to anyone that asks or anyone that reads my reports. I have not once had anyone encroach on my fishing space as a result. In return I have met some of the fine folk here in my area that are not only great fisherman but just plain good folk. They have fished with me and taught me tons of techniques that I might have never tried had that door not been opened.

Report a not so good day. To add credibility to any source of information it is always good to include the bad. We all know that not every day is full of catching the target species. If we only report the good days it gives us a false measure of success. Lets leave the fishing show editing to the fishing shows. For me all information is useful in order to identify and develop a patterns or trends. If I notice a few folks posting that the reds are ignoring their artificials then I will be sure to have some bait along on my next red fishing trip. When I read the trout bite shut down at 9AM inshore I might plan my next trout trip at the crack of dawn or have a back up plan in place for 9AM and after.

The photos tell the story. In this digital age we have the luxury of posting a high quality photo minutes after the catch. On the water shots of a fish prior to release always beats a fillet table full of food. I do both regularly. Along with the fish pictures come magnificent sunrises, gorgeous shorelines and bent rods during the battle. These photos complete the story and invite our forum friends along with us on our trips. I have been approached by strangers that thank me for the fishing stories I share with them. Some of these folks tell me they start each day by reading my fishing report and they are not even fisherman! I know I am not exclusive in that respect because there are several of my forum brothers that I enjoy reading their reports just for entertainment value.

We all should encourage participation, Have your fishermen friends join up and contribute. The more participation we have the more water we get to cover. Even folks that do not fish should join and comment when they can. There is a ton of non fishing information shared here and I am sure that folks that do not fish could add valuable information.

The fishing club meetings and events. Meetings are great for folks that have time for the once a week / month physical meeting. With a busy schedule and a very large region it might be impractical to have monthly meetings. Topics that need to be discussed are now, and should continue to be addressed on the Gen info section of our forum. Fishing tourneys can be a reality if we choose to have them. A camera, measuring method and some good old fashion honesty will allow us to have regular contests that encourage catch and release.

Thinking Back I remember years ago when I would pull up a twenty pound rainbow trout onto the frozen bank of the Genesee River.. I would be very excited to get back home and tell my fishing buddies and family about my catch. I seldom had a camera so they would just have to take my word for it. I would call a few folks and share the story and that would be it. Now a couple hours after returning from a trip on the Gulf I post photos and tell the story of my catch to hundreds of folks. What a tool we have here indeed. Lets make the most out of it. Friends!

Thanks to all of the contributors here both newbies and vertans alike. Please keep those reports comming and encourage all to add thier touch to our priceless fishing resource.
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  • nicknick Crystal RiverPosts: 4,745 Captain
    " Report a not so good day."

    Why doesn't TM ever report a not so good day? :beer
  • troutman57troutman57 Posts: 3,691 Captain
    I have reported many not so good days! LOL those are the ones where there is room left in my cooler.
    It's all a relavite thing my friend.
    This place Rocks if yer a crabber
  • SouldeepSouldeep Posts: 269 Officer
    If we ever have a tounament TM will have to start at -20 fish!

    Maybe a Haloween touney? That way I can fish with a pumpkin on my head so no one will ID me as the guy who can't catch sh...
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  • troutman57troutman57 Posts: 3,691 Captain
    I am looking for suggestions for a catch and release photo tourney and also a season long big fish tourney. The only 2 rules are that it has to be fun and family friendly!
    Maybe a "Big Bend Cup" that stays with the winner each year.
    I will formally toss this idea out there later in the seasson os we can think about it over the cooler months.
    This place Rocks if yer a crabber
  • EbbtideEbbtide Posts: 198 Officer
    I have hosted a few online C&R tourneys in the past and they were lot's of fun. Just make sure you pick something to stick in the fish photo (object) that is unique and that can be validated for this tournament only. Having lot's of category's that are in relationship to our fishing grounds open's the possibilities up for kids etc...
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