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The deception that Jennings and the other Charter Fisherman Association guys are trying to pull off is that they are a "independent" group of captains who pooled their money together to form the CFA. REALITY is that the Charter Fisherman's Association is in effect a subsidiary of the Environmental Defense Fund, since EDF funded their creation and continues to funnel money to them to pay for misc. expenses to push EDF's agenda at meetings here in the Gulf, Washington, and even Wyoming(!).

A glimpse of this reality was revealed when CFA steadfastly opposed any increase in the RECREATIONAL % of the red snapper allocation with the resulting decrease in the % of the COMMERCIAL red snapper allocation. You see, another EDF front group, The Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholder's Alliance (a commercial fishing organization also created/funded by EDF) funneled $48,000 from EDF to provide the seed money for CFA startup a couple of years ago - CFA has probably received well over $250,000 by now. CFA therefore was required (by their EDF benefactors) to oppose any increase in allocation to the recreational sector - STRANGE, since the CFA is supposedly representing their clients - RECREATIONAL FISHERMEN. It seems that they are wolves clothed in sheep's clothing here.

The CFA/EDF operatives are being sold the bill of goods that recreational IFQs will bring the same windfall to them that they did to the commercial guys - increasing the recreational allocation would run contrary to that goal since the Plan has been to put the squeeze on the Gulf recreational fishermen (by shortening their seasons) in order to coerce them into accepting the supposed solution - CATCH SHARES. If the for-hire captains are gifted a % of the Gulf recreational red snapper allocation, through Days At Sea, Recreational IFQs, etc., they will control access to the fishery with their permits that can then be sold, traded, or leased for their personal profit. The American fishermen, consumers, and taxpayers are left out in the cold.

The Alabama DNR has endorsed a plan to privatize our Public Trust Resources, which I find absolutely appalling. An agency charged with stewardship of our Public Trust Resources, (that not only we but our future generations own), pushing for a plan that privatizes our fish through catch shares or recreational IFQs raises some real ethical and I would think legal questions. They should better spend their time exploring ways to validate the effort landings data as Louisiana has already done, which, by the way, revealed egregious flaws in the way the feds do it. Seems that the best interests of the Gulf recreational fishermen (which includes Alabama recreational fishermen) are being shoved aside for the benefit of a select few enviro-funded stooges.

THIS is what needs to be stopped, and NOW.

Capt. Thomas J. Hilton


  • Fisher Management by IFQ's is the plan by EDF. If they can get all the IFQ's, they can place any kind of restriction on their use that they want. Where you fish, when you fish, how you fish can all be a part of the IFG lease/purchase.

    We are trying hard to put forth a plan in the HMS PLL fishery to prevent EDF from owning all of the IBG's or Individual fishing quotas for Bluefin Tuna.

    Watch how we do it and I will post our plan here soon. IFQ's should not be distributed as they have been, it shouldd be quota allocation procedures in each and every fishing year so only active vessels can even own IFQ's and can only sell to other active vessels.

    As I stated on the record in last week's HMS A
    P meeting, every single time I see the word IFG, ITG, Catch Shares, etc, I will state my disdain for the record so when my Grandkids ask why we have to go to Walmart to buy a red snapper quota, I can explain that I did everything I could to stop this loss of Public Property!

    EDF has made it very clear what they are trying to do and its own the fish so they can control them or stop fishing in any given year if they want.
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    I wonder a lot about the Gulf of Maine Research Institute thats holding an invite only meeting in Tampa next week. They have 1 speaker that is from PEW and the others are NOAA, SEDAR, and Gulf Council. I know some of the CFA guys got invites. I also read a report the Gulf of Maine Research Institute did on a meeting in St Petersburg Alaska that had several EDF speakers and were pushing catch shares. I wonder the real purpose of this meeting. They are calling it a Management workshop.
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    I didn't get my invite.
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    All you have to do is tell them you are from Texas and they will think you are part of the CFA LMAO. I know you are like me and will never be part of any group with ties to the EDF
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    What does the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) have to do with the Gulf of Mexico? Here is a report on catch shares by the GMRI funded by the Walton Foundation;

    This meeting between these enviro corporations and our NOAA Fisheries, which is clearly a pep talk/strategy session for sector separation/catch shares here in the Gulf of Mexico needs to be an open access meeting - reminds me of the shenanigans that went on over on the west coast with the MLPAs and their "Blue Ribbon Task Force" who felt that they weren't subject to the Open Records law;

    What we need is openness and transparency - not secret meetings closed to the general public.

    Capt. Thomas J. Hilton
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    Why is the Gulf of Maine Research Institute coming to our Gulf of Mexico when they clearly have problems of their own up in the Gulf of Maine;

    "September 19, 2013 - The Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) is urging U.S. saltwater anglers to help protect access rights for New England's cod and haddock anglers and the local recreational fishing businesses who depend on those fishermen.

    An RFA fax campaign is now underway to urge the New England Fishery Management Council (NEFMC) to oppose any changes to the Western Gulf of Maine closed area which would completely restrict angler access.

    Click here to download a copy of the letter, or go to the top of the RFA homepage at to learn more. Anglers and recreational fishing industry leaders are urged to print the letter, sign it, and fax to the attention of the NEFMC's Tom Nies at 978-465-3116.

    NEFMC is considering taking habitat protection measures which will result in new closed areas for charter/party and recreational anglers as the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary wishes to conduct a research effort in a 55-square-mile "reference area" off the New England coast. The letter to NEFMC which RFA urges all anglers to support says that if the reference area is put into place, anglers will be forced to travel up to 40 nautical miles from shore to find a few cod and haddock for the table, a proposal which will have a devastating impact on our recreational fishing community.

    At the RFA homepage, be sure to check on the Sept/Oct 2013 newsletter on the top-right side of the page, and an article on page 21 from Capt. Barry Gibson regarding this proposed Sanctuary Ecological Research Area, or SERA II.

    "Party and charter skippers, particularly those who run out of ports along Massachusetts' South Shore and Cape Cod, are especially upset because the proposed reference area is where they are now forced to fish on many trips," Gibson writes in his article. "Sector management, implemented by the NEFMC a couple of years ago, has allowed big draggers to work the top of Stellwagen Bank for cod, an area where the party and charter boats have historically done very well."

    "Those cod have all been caught there," says Capt. Tom DePersia of Bigfish Charters out of Green Harbor. "They never should have allowed the draggers on top of the bank. They've ruined it for everyone else."

    The RFA believes the latest proposal to exclude recreational anglers from the Western Gulf of Maine Closed Area where we've been fishing sustainably for the past two decades would essentially put the recreational fishing community in ruin - hopefully a 'fax' campaign will let NEFMC and the U.S. Commerce Department know that recreational fishing is of major socioeconomic importance to the New England region and throughout the country."

    The GMRI has endorsed the same policies that have resulted in exploiting the fish stocks to the point that they must close areas off to recreational fishing, once the commercials have exploited it to the max - NOW it seems they want to do the same thing here in the Gulf of Mexico. Why else are they here but to promote SECTOR MANAGEMENT?
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