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Well it's starting - we are getting sector separation shoved down our throat,



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    I have been saying that for years. When all the different groups sit down and decide we really are fighting for the same thing, we will get something done. I sat in a small meeting a couple of months ago that Ocean Conservancy and I put together. We had Ocean Conservancy, PEW, CFA, several fishermen, Rep. Steve Southerland aid and I represented the RFA. This was the first time a group like this had ever say down together to discuss anything. We talked about the biggest problem we have and that's data collection. To my surprise we all agreed it needs to be fixed and some very good ideas came out of this meeting. It's going to take several more of these little night time meetings while we are at Gulf Council meetings to but all the ideas together for something to present to the Council but some of us have found some " Common Ground" to work on. It seems a lot of the fishery groups are scared that if they talk with the enviro's that they are just going to take their plan over. We all really want the same thing a sustainable fishery. We are just wanting to get their in different ways and the RFA is ready to work together on this " Common Ground" to try and make the fisheries better for all of us.


    This sounds like good news. Thanks.
    "You'll get your weather"
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    thanks for trying.. it will take a lot more meetings maybe to sort this out and in the long run it will be worth it..
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