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Spearfishing Jetties

jfdavies26jfdavies26 Posts: 5 Greenhorn
I am a avid fisherman, ocean conservationist, and now have fell in love with free diving and spearfishing. I live in New Smyrna beach by the Ponce Jetty. I'm wondering why the law on spearing inlets or Jetties is so ridiculous and if it can be challenged? It states you can spear a Jetty that is over 1,500 yards from start to finish. No Jetty in Florida is this long and Ponce jetty is roughly 1,500 feet. Central to North Florida have no close in reefs and no where to free dive and spear, please help.


  • Captjohn5150Captjohn5150 Posts: 1,698 Captain
    It falls into many rules....you have county rules, state rules, maybe even city rules against spearfishing to close to shore, by a city, county, DNR state park.....but I believe Jacksonville area may have a pier where it is long enough to spearfish off the end.....I have never tried it so i can't tell you solid if my info there is correct......
    I used to spearfish boynton inlet and palm beach inlet all the time on bad weather days when the boats are not going out the inlet....I only got ticketed one time and I beat it in court....but I believe the officer helped me out on that ticket....so to that officer I thank you....
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