George Hommell - RIP

Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,377 Moderator
I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet. George Hommell, the owner of a little tackle shop in Islamorada known as WorldWide Sportsman which was purchased by Johnny Morris, who turned it into a Bass Pro Shop and hired Hommell to manage, passed away on August 31, 2013. Hommell was a guide who guided many presidents and other famous people. RIP George. Say Hi to Billy when you see him.


  • BacklashBacklash Posts: 880 Officer
    RIP Capt George Hommell.
    I wish I could have finished up the restore on the Backlash boat before he passed on so he could've seen her back in service.
    He used to regularly fish tarpon out of my boat for celebrities and politicians. The history he imparted into my modest vessel was a big reason why I decided to restore it.
    I liked Capt. Hommels WWS better before BPS got their hands on it... Little tackle shop with big information. Now its vice-versa.
  • Net 30Net 30 Posts: 994 Officer
    Delt with George when the original shop was on the other side of the highway - classic shop with great service and advice for new guys.

    He will be missed.
  • Capt KurtCapt Kurt Posts: 355 Deckhand
    My mom was friends with George, but I never met him..
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    RIP, wish I could have met him.
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  • waldnerrwaldnerr Posts: 1,020 Officer
    I bought a couple of Pate fly reels from George back in the '80's. Nice guy! :angel
  • Captjohn5150Captjohn5150 Posts: 1,698 Captain
    At least im not the only one, class act, classic store....very much the Fla Keys.....things change aka the New WWS not the same vibe, very non keys feel.....feels like a tourist trap.....
    Meet him many times for just seconds at a and out....I wish I could of known him....good friend of mine knew him very well, sadly that friend has also pasted on to the big ocean in the sky....
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