A Snooky kind of day, CR 8/31

It was my turn to drive, but with my trolling motor on the fritz ($325 repair in progress):shrug, Robbie picked me up @6:30 for some topwater. It's nice to sleep in a little bit with the later sunrise! The water was mid tide, but rushing out and a thin overcast gave us a couple hours of good conditions. The first place we stopped had alot of Mullet activity, but no willing Reds. We moved to a Snook spot, and Robbie hooked up after a dozen or so casts. He's killing me lately with those oversize Snook! He did a great job keeping it away from the rocks, but it was a battle! I got to net another one.

The last time out I decided to let Robbie catch all the fish. This time I decided to "put my best foot foreward", to "give 110%", to "leave it all out there".....well, you get the picture. So not too long after, I stuck back with another oversized Snook! Another great battle!

Robbie said it was his freshly released Snook and it hit my lure because it was disoriented:blahblah ,but I think it was bigger than that little one he had:p....
After that we were just practicing casting with lowwww water, so we headed back about 9. A great morning on a Snooky kind of day.
Last time out, I was using a smaller rod with 20# leader, and as I was trying to net a big Snook, he wore through my leader and broke off with a lure stuck on him....a likely death sentence. I am switching to all 30# leader, unless I am fairly certain I won't hook a Snook. I have not lost any big fish in a year on 30# leader from breakage.


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