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South Goon 8/29

another short n sweet one.. ive concluded that i only have really good days, when im by myself! 3rd trip of the week and 3rd sllloooowww day.. only managed two as well.. my buddy ended up with a decent one.. he gave me redfish envy :grin

pretty windy.. sightfishing was fairly crappy .. of course we called it a day a bit early and on the way back in the wind just DIED.. go fig..

Pescatoral.. heres my rig.. now mind you, i told you it aint pretty.. but it does the job..

just a plain ol patio chair.. ratchet strapped around the seat for stability..

this is the "poling platform" .. notice the "push pole" to the left.. screwed some rod holders on there and i have the bungee on the pole, so i can hook the pole off to me and reach behind and grab a rod... usually can do all that without taking my eyes off the fish..

Attachment not found.100_1705_zps7b3abc5a.jpg

about this time the wind switched out of the east, ruining the more or less glassy conditions of this spot, then the clouds came.. not much sun after that.. chop + murk + no sun = suck **** sightfishing.. ran plenty over though! there were a good amount in the area, i heard lots of grunting.. which was me, getting too close to them without seeing them, and them panicking and yelling at all their buddies.. that was it.. went home with a bit of a defeated feeling


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