Location PLEASE!!

I know we are in a "new" forum but can't we PLEASE put our locations in our profile? It is getting so old, asking, "Where are you located?" to see if a FTF is possible! We don't need your address, just the town. Please?


  • avmechavmech Posts: 1,314 Officer
    Excellent point!! Should be included in whatever rules there are for the classified section.
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  • BeermanBeerman Posts: 696 Officer
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  • CaptMarkWCaptMarkW Titusville, FlPosts: 256 Deckhand
    I completely agree!
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  • bigdaddybear01bigdaddybear01 Posts: 55 Deckhand
    i agree it is getting old,find something you like then ask were you located just to find it's 250 miles away.
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