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looking for some clairity on the law for an overnight trip offshore and keeping a 2 day limit since you are actually fishing on 2 different dates of a calendar. what proof do u need? and does the law say that u have to have sleeping quarters for each crew member? i have a grady white walkaround that technically sleeps 4, forward and aft berths. needless to say the aft berth, if it were me, would have to include a female bunk mate since it is close quarters, lol, but technically could sleep two people. how do the multi day trips to the middle grounds, marquesas and the tortugas get to keep multi day limits? any experience with this will be helpful. thanks.


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    On a private boat you are never allowed to have more than a single day's limit.
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    Circus Act is correct
    Here is a link to the regs for extended trip bag limits.


    In general, the daily bag limits set by Commission rule for saltwater fishing are for a calendar day (24-hour period from midnight to midnight). These limits are also possession limits. Therefore, it is illegal to possess more than one day's bag limit "while in, on or above the waters of the State or on any dock, pier, bridge, beach or other fishing site adjacent to such waters" with regard to most species.

    Once you have caught and possess the bag limit for a species, you may not harvest any more of that species until the next 24-hour period. Thus it is illegal to take the catch to shore and then return to the sea to harvest another daily bag limit during the same calendar day.


    There is an exception that allows individuals to possess double the daily bag limit certain fish only when fishing from a headboat or charter boat on a trip that spans more than 24 hours and:
    ◾The vessel has a sleeping berth for each passenger aboard the vessel;
    ◾Each passenger possesses a receipt issued on behalf of the vessel that verifies the length of the trip.
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    You are not allowed a two day bag limit while on a private recreational vessel in Federal Waters.
    My purpose on this site is to help everyone understand Federal Fishery Regulations and to provide information. Working with the Florida Sportsman is a collateral (volunteer) duty I asked for and enjoy; I will only give you an answer that I’m willing to put my name on and stand behind. Sometimes that means checking with other agents/offices in the area of concern.
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    What if "private" boat had necessary permits, two captains and sleeping quarters for all on board. Pretty sure Private boat can do two day limit then, but no fish for captains. Copy of receipts should also be on board private boat.
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    The permits required would make a boat for hire/charter...so, not a private boat. Additionally, a receipt is proof of paid carriage (commercial) equals not private. What type of receipt do you think they mean? One from 7-11 showing you bought two days worth of beef jerky?

    It's really simple.

    Think of the enforcement nightmare if it wasn't for the very specific requirements. Every googan out there would be "out for two days" every day.
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    OI'm just saying that there are boats out there that fish exclusively for recreation... That live in owners driveway or at dock and have permits. Heck,.there are reef fish permits on the market all the time now. So can't a "googan" pick up a permit and then run a two day with two captains on board? What he chooses to charge is completely up to him. Last time I checked there was no minimum charter price.

    What sucks about two day is not counting the two captains in limit. So 6 people on board does not equal 12.... Its only 8. Almost more trouble than its worth. Unless of course you happen to have permits and a couple buddies with capt license.
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    To own the proper permits the boat can't be recreational.

    So, no.
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