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Fish City Pride repor 8/30/13

Ocean was slick calm this morning, current was ripping to the north all morning from 2.5 to 3 knots. Bonitas were thick, thick, thick, we couldn't get away from them. So needless to say we caught a load of bonitas, hooked a couple sharks that were eating them, got a few yellowtails and vermilions but with the way the current was running and how many bonitas were around it was tough to snapper fish. Also caught lot's of runners and other assorted bottom critters. Nonstop action till about 11:30 and the bite shut down.
Got a report of some excellent dolphin fishing from 650-750, a real nice edge with lot's of weed and debris in it. Loads of schoolies with some nicer fish mixed in. Weather should be excellent for the holiday weekend good luck if you get out.





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