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You can't hide from FWC....

OK, So today I had just finished talking to a fellow I know who cast nets pogies pointing him to the mother lode and as I start to throttle up...I see an FWC boat coming towards me... He lights me up so I throttle down..come to neutral. I look around and i'm sure I'm not in any manatee zone so I'm figuring just a vessel / fisheries check. There are two young officers aboard. As I come along side the one fellow says " I know you "....and before I can answer he says " You're duckmanjr" .....:grin I laugh and say
" Maybe?...is he in any trouble? " He says " I saw a picture someone took of you a while back...but now looking at the deck of your skiff..yep..it's you!... Most of your pictures on FS forum are taken on this deck" ....I laugh and say "yeah...you got me" ... :grin He says to the other officer.." How's that for investigative police work" :grin
We chat a while and talk fishing and the sad state of the river...They both did more offshore fishing than inshore but liked that I was able to catch some nice fish in what is a severely degraded system.
They got dispatched to a call so we had to go our separate ways...

These two young officers exemplify the professional attitude, demeanor and bearing in FWC law enforcement today.... We need more just like them.
There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


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