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Boca Inlet --- 45# Wahoo - 23# Blackfin ***Solo*** 8/30/13

At dawn I trolled north to Boynton Inlet with not one knockdown. Slowed the high speed troll down to 10 knots and I decided to put out a shotgun in hopes for a tuna. Landed a nice Blackfin in 160' of water. Nothing worthwhile followed as the bonitos were just everywhere. After the 8th fish I got completely disgusted and pulled the topwater lines in.

Turned the boat around and headed south to high speed again with 2 lines in the water. Passed Boca Inlet to make a few passes in an area I like. After a few minutes of cruising at around 20 knots I turn around to find my 50 down to the mono backing. Once I cranked in 700+ yards of line I was very fortunate to find the fish was still at the other end which weighed in at 45 lbs.

I learned a valuable lesson; If you're going to listen to loud music, and no one is around to watch or "listen" to the god **** reels, don't get pissed off if you get spooled. Out of curiosity, does anyone know if the clicker on Tyrnos reels can be modified in some way be louder? Can the TLD clicker/ring assembly be installed ?(Its certainly more noticeable)



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