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8/30/13 FPI Crazy Dolphin Action 23 in an Hour.

It had been awhile since the shark bait had been out. Just bad timing, bad weather and family obligations. Decided to give my buddy Lou from LB MArine a last minute call on wed. to see if he wanted to go friday. By the way he is probably one of the best mobile marine mechanics in south Florida. Always nice to have your mechanic riding shotgun.LOL Got to Stan Blum at 5:30am prepped the boat wiated a few minutes for another friend Steve to show up. He was late but by fate gave us time to cast net some finger mullets at the ramp and put 2 dozen in live well. Plan was to run NE over oculina and run and gun till we found something. Broke the inlet by 6:30, what a site the seas were just rippling from the SW wind and flat. Told Lou today was gonna be epic. He laughed and said heard that before. Decided to fast troll once we got past 150FT, after an hour nothing no weed line just rips, no real temperature changes just flat seas. I said somethings wrong with this picture. Just then Steve reaches into the cooler and pulls out his breakfast. A F#$*ing Banana. I said ****. Grabbbed it and threw it over. He was pissed. Not being on the seas that much I explained it to him an d told him to throw some cash in the water and say he was sorry. Course the man had no cash some I threw some coins and a buck in. 10 minutes later we were looking at a huge weed line, 600ft of water straight north of bethel shoal. Weed debrise as far as you could see. Set up the troll and decided to follow it west to shallower water than run deeper. After 5 min fish on ballyhoo w a blue and white seawhitch. Give the rod to the newbie Steve. Rels in his first fin of the year bout 8 lb cow. Nobody with her. Rest troll and tried another 15 min no luck. Saw a large patch of weed the size of my 21 bluewater decided to set up livelys on it. After 2 minutes it was game on. a huge school of probably 50-100 fins showed up and the chinese fire drill began. Lou said turn on the GoPro which I just got, so I did or thought I did. For the next 45-60 min it was bait in water 2 sec. fish on. We amazingly worked prefectly. However most were just short peanuts. After all the live bait and chunk baits were gone and we were drenched in blood and sweat we decided to call it quits. The fish were still there but we decided to leave em for another day. Good Karma. Final tally after an hour. 9 more fins in the box for a total of 10. 23 total caught 13 released all were like 1/4 inch short so by next week they will be good to go.LOL Time 9:15am. Good day. Current was ripping we moved 8 miles north during the 45 min drift an were off north Vero when we decided to stop. Water temp was 81.7 degrees with a ton of Jellyfish in the rip. Decided to head in and try some bottomfishing off of bethel but the currents were to strong probably 7/8 knts. At decided to make the run for the ramp saw the storms coming. Appraently I still need to figure out my GoPRo. Forgot to charge the battery no footage. urg!!!!! just got a few photo's from the cleaning station. After Lou cleaned half the fish. Anyway My boys were happy with Dinner. That's what counts. Great day and adventure.


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