Chino Island fishing

Went out yesterday around 7:30am to head over to Chino island. It is probably my favorite winter spot to fish cause we always seem to catch Pompano and big ol' trout. There is also a ton of spanish mackerel there when the water is cooler and my buddy loves to smoke those things and they are fun to catch. I have only fished it a few times during summer cause I have some other spots I have been obsessed with all summer. High tide was around 9:30 so we hit it for about 4 hours yesterday. We caught 3 undersized snook, a lot of 12 inch mango's which I love to cook up whenever I can, jacks, 1 trout, couple ladyfish and that's about it. father has never caught a big snook. To me a big snook is anything 27inch+. Might be different for everybody but the largest I've ever seen was a 33 incher and he was skinny so it wasn't that exciting. Dad tossed in a live shrimp up under the bushes and BAM!! 30 inch fattie was off and running! Dad always keeps his drag loose for some reason (which has never made sense to me) he says it helps him feel the fish better when they bite. I've argued this point several times but the old man is set in his ways and who am I to tell another what to do? Especially my father who was a marine and successful business man his entire life. Anyways, Like I said the fight was on!! This thing ran up and down the shoreline at least 4 times and after he tightened the drag he was finally able to get him out of the bushes and headed towards the boat. I would say it was about a 5-6 minute fight and it was just plain awesome to watch. We got the snook to the boat and in the net. Handled the fish properly for some pictures and a quick revive and he was on his way back to munch some more back in the bushes. I'm sure a lot of you have fished Chino island before but if you haven't I suggest checking it out. It's big enough to where you can spend a day working the whole thing. It was a great day out on the water with dad and he has another great fishing story to share with his buddies at church and down at the VA. Figures that the biggest snook he has ever caught was 48 hours away from season being open but either way it was fun. We did see some tailing reds on the oyster beds on the back side of chino but the bite was hot where we were so we stuck with it. Hope everyone has a safe and exciting time out on the water this weekend! I don't really do the social media thing but I have met some other anglers who post a lot of their fishing pictures/reports using twitter. I wasn't interested at first but checked it from time to time anyways and it has become part of my daily fishing routine. You can make your account private to avoid the crazies and it has turned out to be a lot of fun for us. If you want to see some of our recent catches you can look us up at


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    Hey nice report.. But this should be the primary place for the images why would you think other wise?? :huh
    FS Forum is for all things on the water and easy to add your images.
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    Yea chino island is a good place to relax and catch fish. Its good really early in the morning or later in the evening. I've caught my P.I. 3 before 9 in the morning more than I can count.
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