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You seem to be the man with answers. I have about a 7 year old Lowrance hand held GPS. Also have a somewhat decent add on card for marine purposes in it, Navionics. About 4 months ago one of the toggle buttons, the exit one died so I can't even get into my old numbers, it won't clear the initial warning screen.
Is that a bad board behind it? Is it fixable (reasonably priced). Lowrance no longer supports and was not very helpful. It was good technology for it's time, larger screen display. I've since bought a Garmin, but would be nice to have a backup, plus get old numbers back.


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    The problem is, if Lowrance doesn't supply the repair boards we need, no one can do a repair. You'll have to find someone that already has the parts, which is highly unlikely. Try Steve at Jaytron, (dont have the number handy at the moment) he probably has the largest stock of old parts that I know of.
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