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choice is between two seapro sv2100. one is a 2002 with a Yamaha 150txra with unknown hours but fished out of monthly. boat has been taken care of and everything works and has been maintained well. other is a 2007 with a mercury 150efi with 100 hours and was a twice a year run around the bay type. was reading below about boats sitting for awhile. 2007 is 2000$ higher and looks new. how is best way to tell if it has been sunk(why would a 2007 only have 100 hours). I have the money nd buying this weekend but I never find good deals so im wondering what is wrong with the 2007 . lol. by the way 2002 draft is 10" and 2007 is 16". I fish 10k so draft is important. thanks


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    Low hours are not unusual, I routinely see boats that are 10yrs old with only a couple hundred hours on them. I just had a 96 Cobia in my shop that we sold new, the engine had less than 20 hrs on it. By the time it was done the repair bill was over $9k. Mud dobbers had built nests under the engine cowling and when the owner got the engine running it sucked all that dirt into the motor and wiped out the powerhead. He bought a complete new powerhead and now has practically a brand new engine.

    If you suspect the boat has been submerged, look at all the wiring and connections, look in the bilge area and under the decks and see if you can see a water line anywhere. Take the cowling off of the motor and look at the inside of the cowling, see if there is a water line in it.
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    thanks pat
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    I think the boats from after brunswick bought seapro (2006?) are much better boats. I have a 2008 sv1900cc and it has been a very good boat. I bought it new with an opti 150 on it and besides the coils and exhaust tuner (all replaced under warranty) it has been great motor. I probably only have 200-250 hours on mine but it gets used pretty much year round. I've never had any fuel problems with the boat at all.

    My friend had an sv2100cc that he also bought new at the same time I did and his was a good boat too. He recently sold it to buy a bigger used boat and is kicking himself in the teeth for it right now. His had a lot more room and storage on it but they were basically the same boat.

    I would have the motor checked out thoroughly at your favorite mercury dealer and if it checks out I wouldn't have a problem buying it. They're really good boats. If you get a good motor you'll be happy with it.
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