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Well, today was better with the right mix of variety after two "groundhog day" trips....that is I'm getting 4 -6 fish a day but no slam.

Wed was 4 Redfish

and 1 Trout...all fish except 1 Red ( 20 ") were nice middle twentys fish. looked hard for a snook and saw one fat sally..no dice with her.

Thur was hard...I have never had so many refusals in I can't remember when!...I caught 1 jack and 4 Trout with the smallest trout (17") and the jack on plastic...all others on bait in the 23" - 26" range and I presented to more than 10 reds with all refusals! :banghead Stayed longer than I should have (1 PM)...sometimes you just should fold up your teepee and move on.

Water is kinda dirty...

Today I was out early and tried some different spots early..Got a 22 inch snook on a CAL while it was still almost black/dark... so no pic.. bounced around and picked up two Reds and missed the hookset on one other and two nice middle twenties trout on bait.



Water was clean..but you can see how bare the bottom is....
There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


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